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Triumph Over Trials: The NGTU Project at WH Tech Solutions

At WH Tech Solutions, we pride ourselves on our ability to take on challenging projects and deliver high-quality results. A prime example of this can be found in the ongoing project for NGTU, a UK-based internship offering company. Two of our stellar employees, Zarina and Zainab, are at the forefront of this development endeavour, working relentlessly to meet the client’s needs.

The project involves building a robust website using Laravel. Zarina and Zainab, demonstrating versatility and comprehensive technical expertise, are handling both the backend and frontend development of the site. However, their tasks have been far from straightforward. From the onset, the project came bundled with tight deadlines and a significant workload.

Moreover, the original coding was done using Laravel 5.3, an older, less efficient version of the framework. This decision posed unique challenges. The support for older versions is limited, and developers often have to make do with fewer features and struggle with outdated documentation.

Regardless, Zarina and Zainab have tackled each challenge head-on, refusing to let these obstacles hamper their performance. Their dedication to maintaining the quality of work has resulted in positive feedback from the client, despite the tough circumstances.

The story of Zarina and Zainab’s work on the NGTU project is a testament to their resilience, professionalism, and expertise. They have embodied the ethos of WH Tech Solutions, demonstrating that with determination and skill, any challenge can be overcome.

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